Southern California Public Power Authority

Smart Grid Implementation Services


Soliciting competitive proposals for qualified firms or individuals to provide various services and functions related to Smart Grid Implementation,

RFP Summary

The successful Respondent to this RFP shall assist in the daily operation of LADWP’s Smart Grid Regional Demonstration Program (SGRDP) and the Smart Grid Implementation Program (SGIP) by providing project management support in the form of subject matter experts (SMEs) to provide technical and administrative support for the project management office and all project teams: • Advanced Metering Infrastructure,
• Customer Behavior,
• Cyber Security,
• Demand Response,
• Electric Vehicle,
• SGIP teams
The consultant shall provide expertise with Smart Grid-related functions to help develop and transitions to a Smart Grid infrastructure. The consultant’s responsibilities shall include the integration of existing legacy systems with new Smart Grid systems, coordination among all project teams, development of documentation and reports, troubleshooting of technical problems, and ensuring that deliverables are met, and demonstrations are successfully executed.


Tangible Work Products / Scope of Work

1. Operational Reports: documentation of all post-implementation requirements, procedures, processes, and standards for the duration of the project and beyond;
2. Maintenance Reports: identification of devices requiring maintenance, personnel responsible, timeline for maintenance, and method of maintenance;
3. Functional Procedures Manual: documentation of assessment and management of deletions, additions, and/or modifications to processes that will be adopted to operate a Smart Grid;
4. Operational Risk Assessment Report: identification and assessment of any and all risks to the Smart Grid Programs, its operation and any future operation of Smart Grid-related functions;
5. Software Development and Integration: development by a team of SMEs of all integrators, adapters, interfaces, and/or software necessary to operate and maintain the Smart Grid, and coordination of technical needs between project teams;
6. Regulatory Reports: regular completion and submittal of all recurring reporting required by DoE, CEC, and City of Los Angeles reporting, including, but not limited to ARRA quarterly progress reports, internal reports, DoE required reports, City of Los Angeles required reports, weekly and monthly progress reports, SF 425, OMB 1512, Jobs Created/Retained, Jobs Health Reports, PVMS, Risk Management updates, Metrics and Benefits reports, and ad-hoc reports as needed.
7. Project Invoices: preparation and submittal of monthly, quarterly and annual invoices.
8. Training Plan and Manuals: development by a team of SMEs of all training materials relating to Smart Grid Programs and integration for employees.
9. Enhancements to existing web portal to provide demand response and customer behavior functionality as outlined by the Project Management Office and respective project teams.

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