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Intelligent Cities Outdoor Lighting Retrofits


This is the City of San Diego’s (City) second step in the two-step solicitation process to acquire Design-Build services for the Intelligent Cities Outdoor Lighting Retrofits (MACC Task 1) Design-Build project. Pursuant to the City’s Request for Qualifications (RFQ) 6712, this RFP was issued exclusively to the previously selected firms who had each been awarded a Multiple Award Construction Contract (MACC) with the City

RFP Summary

The purpose of the project is to retrofit existing Decorative Pedestrian Post Top Street Lights, Cobra Roadway Lights, Park Walkway Lights, Parking Lot Lights and Sports Lights with approved LED luminaires and City approved GE LightGrid Adaptive Control Nodes and GE LightGrid Gateways. In addition, GE CityIQ Sensor Nodes will be installed on both new and existing luminaires.

The LightGrid Control Nodes, Gateways and CityIQ Sensor Nodes shall be Owner Furnished, Contractor Installed, and Commissioned. The existing pole, mast arm, and other infrastructure related to the street light shall remain in place; some additional mast arm assembly units will be required for sports lighting retrofits and pole and post top adaptors may be required at some locations.

Consideration is given to color temperature for luminaires within a 35 mile radius of Mount Palomar & Mount Laguna Observatories as well as some areas on El Cajon Boulevard. Minor additional wiring may be required at locations where it is necessary to maintain the new devices manufacturer’s warranty.

The work is divided into three areas:

I. ROW (Right Of Way) – City streets.
II. Non-ROW – City parks, public spaces, parking lots and walkways.
III. Non-ROW – sports lighting and walkway lighting mounted on sports poles.
GE Capital funding has been identified for this project.


Enery Effeciency

Tangible Work Products / Scope of Work

The project includes the retrofit of outdoor luminaires which include: Decorative Pedestrian Post Top Street Lights, Teardrop/Pendant, Cobra style Roadway Lights, Park Walkway Lights, both post top and arm mounted, Parking Lot Lights and Sports Lights. Decorative luminaire heads are distinct from cobra head type light poles. Decorative luminaire heads have no mast arm and mount directly at the top of the existing pole.

In addition, this project includes the installation of GE LightGrid Control Nodes, Gateways and CityIQ Sensor by the contractor. The LightGrid Control Nodes, Gateways and CityIQ Sensor Nodes shall be Owner Furnished, Contractor Installed (OFCI), except for LightGrid Control Nodes on sports lighting luminaires which will be Contractor Furnished, Contractor Installed (CFCI). The OFCI items shall be available to the Design-Builder through an independently furnished warehouse location for pick up.

The Contactor shall accept ownership at that location. All LightGrid Nodes, Gateways and CityIQ Nodes shall be fully commissioned by the contractor. Design-Builders shall propose (design) a solution to convert the existing post top and arm mounted luminaires with appropriate fitter adaptors to accommodate the new luminaires and their appropriate devices on the existing poles.

Beneficial Links / Documents cited in RFP/ Specifications

Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (“The

City of San Diego Standard Specifications for Public Works
Construction (“The WHITEBOOK”)*

City of San Diego Standard Drawings*

Citywide Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) Standards

California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) Standard Specifications –

California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices Revision 1 (CA MUTCD Rev 1) –

Attachments A-1 through A-9 are available on FileCloud:

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