Tacoma, Washington

Advanced Metering Infrastructure Technology and Services


The City of Tacoma, Tacoma Public Utilities (TPU), Tacoma Power, Utility Technology Services is soliciting proposals to establish one or more contracts with qualified vendors to fulfill the City’s needs for an advanced metering infrastructure communications system.

RFP Summary

TPU seeks proposals that include the specific requested information, descriptions of the technology, and price quotes as they relate to TPU’s strategic technology goals of implementing the “best fit” AMI communications system, electric meters, water meters, and information systems for the management and control of the communications networks and endpoint devices. This work includes all requested metering devices (“Meters”), communications network equipment (“Network”), and network management solution(s) (“AMI Head End”) and the related maintenance fees, licensing fees, and professional services fees (“Services”) as described herein.


The selected Respondent(s) will provide all software, hardware/appliance (if the solution needs specific hardware), and required services including but not limited to, development services, configuration, installation, training, and ongoing support.

Tangible Work Products / Scope of Work

TPU anticipates the design, integration and deployment of the AMI solution to be completed over a 3-year period. This schedule will include the implementation of the Sandbox environment in Q4, 2018, the configuration, integration and testing of the information systems in 2019 with completion by Q1, 2020 and the installation of the AMI meters starting in Q2, 2020 and completing by Q1, 2022.

The City requires the following professional services to be provided by the Contractor in support of the design, integration and deployment of the AMI Solution:

  • Program Management and Solution Deployment
  • Sandbox Deployment
  • System and Network Analysis
  • Network Surveys
  • System Integration
  • System Acceptance Testing
  • Training and Documentation
  • Network Tuning

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