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Chicago Smart Lighting Project


The Project is intended to improve the quality and reliability of Chicago’s outdoor lighting and thereby enhance public safety and quality of life for Chicago’s residents and visitors.

RFP Summary

The Project is designed to be a modernization of the City’s and Parks’ outdoor lighting system, made possible by leveraging future energy cost savings resulting from a large scale conversion of the City’s existing lighting system to LED technology. In addition to the installation of LED lights, the Project includes targeted lighting infrastructure stabilization repairs and the installation of a networked lighting management system.
This Project also presents an opportunity for Chicago to leverage the light grid as a platform for connected technologies — helping realize the vision set forth in the City’s Technology Plan – a city where technology fuels opportunity, inclusion, engagement, and innovation for all. New technologies are intended to spur economic development and improve safety, service delivery, communications, and responsiveness.


The primary Project goals are to:
(i) improve public safety,
(ii) enhance quality of life, and
(iii) provide better, more reliable and responsive public service through superior lighting technologies that provide improved.

Tangible Work Products / Scope of Work

1. LED Light Fixture Conversion
– Supply New LED Luminaires
– Removal, Salvage, Disposal, and Recycling of Existing Luminaires
– New Luminaire and Lighting Control Hardware Installation
– Timely Documentation of LED Conversion Work
2. Targeted Infrastructure Stabilization Repairs
The Targeted Infrastructure Stabilization Repairs Work will primarily consist of two efforts:
– Lighting Infrastructure Condition Assessment
– Infrastructure Stabilization Repairs
3. Lighting Management System
A more detailed scope of Work related to the delivery of the Lighting Management
System (LMS) is defined in Exhibit B – Technology Specifications.
– LMS Core Functionality
– LMS Optional Future Functionality

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