Seeking San Diego “Partner for Innovation”

US Ignite is a nonprofit that spurs the creation of next-generation applications and services that leverage advanced networking technologies to build the foundation for smart communities. Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), US Ignite’s Smart Gigabit Communities program is a network of 25 communities, each committed to accelerate the development and deployment of next-generation, gigabit applications and services for public benefit and to drive local innovation economies.

US Ignite Smart City Online Platform Request for Proposals (RFP)

US Ignite seeks a partner to provide updated modules to its current online platform that combines best-in-class smart city data, applications, and modeling tools rapidly accelerate adoption of smart city technologies. US Ignite is soliciting bids from all interested parties, including consulting firms or other professionals, for a 12-month contract – the term of the contract will begin July 1, 2018 and end June 30, 2019.

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Smart Gigabit Communities Program Awards $110K to Promote Local Application Development

US Ignite is pleased to announce the proposals accepted as part of our recent round of Application Development Awards in March of 2018. The Application Development Awards provide up to ten thousand dollars in funding per proposal submitted and accepted from one of our Smart Gigabit Communities. The awards total one hundred and ten thousand dollars to improve community impacts and support local application developers. Leaders in each of our Smart Gigabit Communities worked with development teams to identify the most promising gigabit applications in their regions. Congratulations to each of the development teams and their communities. Real-Time Drone Imagery (NC Ignite): A drone based combined program for real-time streaming imaging service for public safety and 3D mapping and analysis.