Portland Economic Recovery

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Small businesses have difficulty in choosing the best location for their business, while city leaders face their own challenges when evaluating the impact of their economic development strategy. New online tools that bring together Federal, city and real-time data are needed to bridge this information gap.

If small businesses had access to a free, accessible open-source tool that uses city and federal data combined with real-time data from sensors, demographic data and traffic data, they would have better information to support their decisions on choosing the right location for their business.

US Ignite and partners have been working on a new Economic Recovery Tool (ERT)with the City of Portland as the starting point. The new tool would deliver significant value to the development community, allow local policies to incentivize development decisions, and enhance recovery for the community, providing value that far outstrips any tool maintenance costs.

This tool will help small business owners decide what neighborhood their business locations should be location, based on:
• Types of local businesses already in the area classified based on the sector.
• Demographic data including number of residents, total population, income etc.
• User reviews from online sources including Yelp & Google.
• Economic census data including the number of establishments and employees.

We have developed a recommendation system that aggregates information and highlights a range of potential choices for small business owners. This tool helps small business owners view this data in an easily understandable way through an interactive map and graphs.

Click here to view full-sized map of the tool.

Choose business types from the first menu.
Choose one or a range of final score, population, or income to see where are those areas.
Hover over the map can see the detail of the area.

Final Score = NAICS_score + pedestrian_score_scaled + vehicle_score_scaled + sentiment_score_scaled + ratings + establishment ratio

For further details and if you wish to engage as a part of this tool please reach out to [email protected]

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