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Smart City Master Plan and Roadmap Consulting Services – Orlando


The City is issuing this RFP with the objective of entering into a contract with a Consultant who will guide the City in planning, developing, and implementing a strategy for a Smart City, Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives, and in the development of a road-map for the implementation thereof.

After development of the Smart City Master Plan and Roadmap, the City also anticipates that the selected Consultant will be asked to provide additional consulting services to assist the City in updating and implementing the Smart City Master Plan created. Such additional services will be on an as requested basis by the City and are anticipated to include such services as owner’s representation work on behalf of the City, to assist the City with the development of various scopes of work, specifications, evaluation criteria, review of Proposals, and oversight of smart city project implementations performed by third parties.

RFP Summary

The City of Orlando (City) requests proposals from interested and qualified Proposers/Consultants to provide and develop a comprehensive and strategic Smart City Master Plan and Roadmap. The master plan should include the City’s mission, vision, goals, and high-level strategies associated with being a Smart City. The roadmap should show how the City can achieve the plan, with project areas, timelines and potential business models. The City desires to enhance its ability to deliver secure and efficient quality services for the residents, visitors and businesses of Orlando through the development and use of secure interconnected information, communication, sensor technology, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. The Master Plan and Roadmap will guide the City in obtaining its vision to become a Smart City. At the end of the exercise, the City may use the results to develop its decisions on revisions or amendments to City Policies, Operations Plans, the Land Development Code, and to its Capital Improvements Program.

The City intends to ensure that the Master Plan and Roadmap will be continually updated, on an annual basis, to ensure consistency with the direction of the City’s stakeholders and executive leadership. An eventual goal of the City’s is to work with other jurisdictions, within Central Florida, to encourage and collaborate on complementary programs and to share successful business cases, for the public and private sectors, on the benefits of “Smart” approaches to development, operations and maintenance of all aspects of life in Central Florida. This solicitation was created as a potential benefit for several City departments and collaborating agencies, such as the Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) and the Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority d/b/a Lynx in order to collectively move forward with a plan that will produce positive economic, environmental, and social impact for Orlando.


  1. Economic Sustainability: Assist the City in understanding the best funding mechanisms and appropriate business models, feasible ways to generate revenue, and developing better support via existing businesses and attracting new business.
  2. Environmental Sustainability: Enhance our vision to become a more sustainable city through IoT solutions, including helping to achieve our greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction, 100% renewable energy, and zero waste goals. For more details, please refer to “EXHIBIT 1”, Greenworks Orlando, Orlando.
  3. Social Equity & Inclusion: Developing a Smart City infrastructure that serves all citizens equitably.

Tangible Work Products / Scope of Work

  1. A complete and thorough assessment of existing assets and legacy systems being used by the City to inform how to best leverage them for IoT solutions. The Proposer should be knowledgeable in strategies for asset optimization and navigating complex technology structures in connectivity of devices and systems.
  2. Effective and proven funding and finance models. A recommendation of funding opportunities to pursue is also desired.
  3. Metrics, key performance indicators and milestones for overall strategy as well as for project areas plans for implementation. The plan should identify opportunities for quick wins and solutions that produce rapid returns on investment for the earlier stages of implementation. Project area plans should be framed by parameters and overall objectives that will ensure the compatibility of one project to another to accommodate an agile development process for IoT capability.
  4. Recommendations and advice on appropriate open integration architecture and IoT platforms that will allow for the interoperability of varying devices, operating systems, platforms, languages and protocol, and communication pathways. Blueprints for various components and project areas of the Smart City plan that will equip and guide solution providers/suppliers to develop and propose appropriate solutions that can be utilized across multiple City departments and specific to Orlando’s needs. Blueprints should be amenable to new innovations, allowing for solutions providers to go from proof of concept, pilot, and to scale.
  5. A security framework to ensure safe development of IoT solutions and provides continued assessment of risk moving forward and create transparent policies around privacy and protection of sensitive information and protected data.
  6. Policy recommendations in all Focus Areas for effective Smart City implementation.

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