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The Federal Funding Opportunities database contains a curated summary of existing federal programs that offer funding that may be applied to a variety of smart city projects. It includes links to the relevant agency sites for further detail. Sectors covered include: Transportation, Big Data, Infrastructure, Energy, Healthcare, Broadband, Economic Development, Education, Public Safety and Information Technologies.

Federal Funding Opportunities

The Requests for Proposals database offers a catalog of existing smart city RFPs and serves as a reference collection for communities looking to create their own RFP documents. Sectors featured in the database include: Infrastructure, Energy, Broadband, Public Safety, Transportation and Big Data.

Requests for Proposals


Fostering Civic Trust: A Policy Guide for Municipal Leaders provides an accessible policy guide on how to make informed decisions based on research of best practices, case studies, and expert opinions. Divided into five sections – Data Governance; CybersecurityPrivacyCommunity Engagement; and Equity,  this guide meets you wherever your community is in the journey to becoming smarter and more connected.

Fostering Civic Trust: A Policy Guide for Municipal Leaders

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