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To demonstrate how an intelligent transportation system and equitable access to transportation can have positive impacts on every day challenges faced by cities.

RFP Summary

The Smart Columbus Program Management Office (PMO) is seeking an IT professional services firm to provide critical technical resources for architecting, designing, building, testing and implementing the data management platform. This is a highly complex, open source big data platform that is critical to the Smart Columbus Program portfolio and is envisioned to scale to be the city wide data management platform for public and private data. The platform will be for data ingestion, consumption, dissemination, fusion, aggregation, and visualization. At the very root it is an integrated data exchange that is the heart beat of the Smart Columbus Program and is branded the Smart Columbus Operating Systems (SCOS).


Smart Columbus will demonstrate how advanced technologies can be integrated into other operational areas within the City, utilizing advancements in ITS, CV, automated vehicles (AV), electric vehicles (EV) to address complex issues, while integrating data from various sectors and sources to simultaneously power these technologies while leveraging the new information they provide.

Tangible Work Products / Scope of Work

Smart Columbus Operating System (SCOS) is envisioned as a web-based, dynamic, governed data delivery platform built on a federated architecture that is at the heart of the Smart Columbus system. It will ingest and disseminate data while providing access to data services from multiple sources and tenants, including the planned Smart Columbus technologies, traditional transportation data ,and data from other community partners, such as food pantries and medical services. The SCOS will embody open-data, best-of-breed technologies including open-source and commercial off-the-shelf concepts that enable better decision-making and problem solving for all users. Enabling Technologies
• Connected Vehicle Environment
Enhanced Human Services
• Multimodal Trip Planning Application/Common Payment System (MMTPA/CPS)
• Mobility Assistance for People with Cognitive Disabilities
• Prenatal Trip Assistance
• Smart Mobility Hubs (SMH)
• Event Parking Management (EPM)
Emerging Technologies
• Connected Electric Autonomous Vehicles (CEAV)
Truck Platooning

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City of Columbus Capital Improvement Projects General Design Requirements –

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