Texas Regional Council of Governments, Deep East Texas Council of Governments and Economic Development District (DETCOG)

Fiber Optic Broadband Market Analysis and Cost Study


The consultant will be expected to provide detailed, actionable guidance for the planning and implementation of a successful fiber-optic broadband network to provide high-speed internet and data services.

RFP Summary

DETCOG is seeking consultant services to conduct a broadband feasibility study and develop a comprehensive economic development and community telecommunications strategy. The study will identify the preferred method, projected cost, and funding model to provide reliable high-speed broadband internet service to all areas of the DETCOG region, and provide a cost-benefit analysis for each of the 12 counties and for the region as a whole. DETCOG reserves the option to include additional related services in the resulting vendor contract after reviewing vendor proposals. A more detailed description of the desired deliverables is provided in the following sections of this document.


Tangible Work Products / Scope of Work

Comprehensive final plan document which includes detailed documentation, at a minimum, for all phases requested in this RFP; including, but not limited to, o Sections for broadband implementation plan goals and objectives; communications to include summaries of all strategy sessions and stakeholder meetings and outreach communications;
o research and evaluation documentation and reporting of market analysis or surveys;
o final design documents including, but not limited to, construction plans, specifications, business models, maintenance and ownership strategy and/or action plans;
o budgeting, investment structures, and funding options;
o infrastructure deployment approach with schedule/timelines.

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