Comprehensive Smart City Partnership with Kansas Missouri


The City seeks to partner with a firm to provide a fully integrated suite of sensors, networks, and data and analytics platforms that will result in the City becoming the first true Smart City in the world. The City will entertain financing proposals in conjunction with responses but will ultimately choose the financing mechanism which provides the best use of public funds.

RFP Summary

Kansas City, Missouri seeks a lead partner to serve as a Program Manager for a Smart City Expansion. The Program Manager will design and build a full integrated suite of sensors, networks and data and analytics platforms. The Program Manager may provide the capital required to procure Smart City infrastructure, design the network, systems and infrastructure, procure the systems and infrastructure necessary for the City’s initiatives, maintain the system over the life of the agreement, and manage life cycle replacement of equipment or software over the life of the agreement. The City reserves the right to obtain its own financing after evaluation of the financing portion of the responses. The City may consider a variety of technical approaches and funding models, and proposers are encouraged to present innovative ways to share operational responsibilities and financial risks and benefits which provide value to the City in terms of emerging Smart City applications. A desired outcome is to enable models that generate sufficient revenue to materially or completely reduce the financial risk and funding by the City for the City’s “Smart” projects, on an overall basis.


Tangible Work Products / Scope of Work

The City would like a Smart City Program Manager to establish, integrate and manage the development, operations and maintenance of the following initiatives:

• The City’s two-phased Connected Corridor Expansion
• Expanded Smart Parking capabilities
• Smart Intersections
• Smart and Connected Outdoor Lighting
• Data-driven Public Safety
• Smart Water Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)/ Smart Water
• Public Health/Connected Health
• An Integrated Data Analytics Platform

a) A financial roadmap that identifies how proposed technology and infrastructure improvements can be financed/paid for with specifics as to the proposer’s role as either arranger and/or direct investor/financial resource; or partner with another financial resource provider.
b) The City seeks a visioning document as well as a high-level roadmap to attain the Smart City Strategy.
d) The conceptual design, installation, operation, and maintenance of the specific initiatives identified in Section 2.4.3 of the RFP, as well as details on how the solutions advance Smart City objectives and the goal of establishing Kansas City as the foremost Smart City in North America.
e) A plan for development of wireless infrastructure, or other connectivity infrastructure to advance Kansas City’s Smart City objectives.
f) Metrics, key performance indicators and milestones for overall strategy as well as for individual project work plans for implementation. Proposer should be able to identify opportunities for quick wins and solutions that produce rapid returns on investment for the earlier stages of implementation. Individual project work plans should be framed by parameters and specifications Smart City Expansion RPF NO. EV2556 (REV. 05-05-17) Page 35 of 83 that will ensure the compatibility of one project to another to accommodate an agile development process for Smart City capabilities.
g) A security framework to ensure safe development of Smart City solutions and the continued assessment of risk moving forward. This includes the creation of transparent policies around privacy and protection of sensitive information and protected data.

Beneficial Links / Documents cited in RFP/ Specifications

• The City Business Plan can be found at:
• The Smart City Operations Blueprint can be found at:
• The Digital Equity Strategic Plan can be found at:

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