Featured Application: GonioSense

GonioSense is a wearable based system that can track and measure both active and passive joint motions. It’s used for real-time distance rehabilitation with the help of edge computing resources.

Goniosense – Real-time distance rehabilitation using edge compute


Featured Application: Real Time Edge Video Analytics

Real-Time Edge Video Analytics – Team pictured at the US Ignite Application Summit


Community Profile:

When you visit the City of Four Lakes, you’ll discover it’s more than just a college town—Madison, Wisconsin boasts a booming metro area home to 250,000+ people with ample business and cultural activity, as well as an evolving high-tech economy bolstered by health and biotech companies.

An efficient transportation ecosystem in a city like Madison (with low unemployment rate and busy commuting) is a necessity. Thanks to collaboration between academia, industry, and local government, Madison is building a city-scale wireless and edge computing testbed—an infrastructure on which to run applications that make transportation in the city easy to manage for residents, city employees, and public safety personnel.

One such application tracks the usage of Madison Metro buses, allowing for detailed, real-time analysis of information like the most popular routes, ridership at different times of day, and more. The data informs better transportation planning, benefiting the public servants of Madison and private citizens alike.

Another application under development harnesses opportunities at the intersection of ridesharing and electric cars. With data from the cars accessible via the city-wide network, detailed car information can be tracked (a particular car’s battery level, or a route, for example). A driver could book a shared car knowing not only that a certain vehicle is available, but also feeling confident that the car has no maintenance problems and enough electrical charge to make the trip.

And transportation is just one area of Madison life primed to be supercharged by advanced networking technology. A growing city full of possibility, Madison no doubt has a bright (and connected) future ahead of it.

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