WiRover technology provides high-bandwidth, robust, and seamless connectivity to moving vehicles.

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Impact statement

A new set of emergency response systems and applications can be designed through services that present robust and high-bandwidth connectivity. Once the connectivity is put in place, application developers can create newer and more innovative applications that improve the nature of emergency response services. This technology has been deployed in the ambulances and is enabling advanced emergency response solutions from the ambulances. Doctors in hospitals can directly access patient records, their current vital data, an audio-visual feed, and other critical information as soon as the ambulance first arrives at the patient site. Quick and robust access to such information can significantly improve the nature of urgent care in a manner not possible otherwise. Other successful deployments include public transit buses and taxi cabs where the technology drives real-time audio-visual messaging and navigational services.


WiRover: A Technology for Robust Connectivity for Moving Vehicles was funded by an NSF US Ignite grant.