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ParaDrop is a virtualized platform for home WiFi gateways that allows diverse third-party services (e.g., home automation) to be easily installed and managed.


Edge computing allows various services to run as close to client devices as possible. Paradrop enables developers to easily deploy their services in home gateways in a secure, isolated, and robust environment providing home users with improved experience. Many examples are from the Internet of Things with services include home automation and sensing for improved energy efficiency, home security services, and improved real time media streaming. Developers can install different applications and services on a home WiFi gateway to sense the home environment by collecting temperature and humidity information from home deployed WiFi sensors. Additionally, they can view a home security camera that stores its data privately in the home gateway and operate a media transcoding service that allows them to stream news channels to the home users over WiFi paths.

Acknowledgments: This project is supported by the National Science Foundation

Team Information: UW-Madison, WiNGS Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

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