As more communities across the nation and world embark on a journey to address their most complex challenges with technology tools, an opportunity exists to share some of the best practices and lessons learned with others on their own journey. To meet these communities where they are, we are launching “Smart Community Sparks” – a blog series to summarize the share the programs that US Ignite communities create to address local challenges. This series will complement our existing playbooks and policy papers by presenting similar topics and tips in a shortened and conversational format.

US Ignite smart community partners include over three dozen cities and towns across the country that address modern-day challenges through innovation, advanced networking technologies, and data-driven strategies. In addition to this group and launched in 2021, seven Project OVERCOME community projects are deploying experimental networks to connect the unconnected. Each of these partner communities draw from unique networks of stakeholders, community representation and priority areas. Together, they form a key part of the US Ignite network, with an ecosystem of leaders who share tools and model practices for building smart community strategies, services, projects, and plans that further social and economic opportunities. Among the many benefits of this peer-learning experience is the facilitation of smart city deployments that take advantage of the lessons that others have learned, saving time, money, and unnecessary headaches.  

Through “Smart Community Sparks” we hope to build intellectual and communal capital for the thousands of communities (cities, states, regions, counties, etc.) who are exploring their own path to becoming smarter and interconnected to spark action. All posts will be available at You can also sign up to receive our newsletter, which will highlight key posts, and follow us on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn to catch the posts as soon as they are available.

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