US Ignite Community Benefits

Benefits of Becoming a US Ignite Community:

  • Become part of an ecosystem of connected communities, innovators, and applications
  • Gain technical and community-building assistance plus notice of funding opportunities
  • Leverage expert assistance in developing advanced applications and services to drive continuous economic development
  • Achieve national visibility at the annual US Ignite Application Summit
  • Take advantage of US Ignite’s ability to facilitate access to high-capacity, low-latency network infrastructure with local edge computing and storage capabilities

Benefits of Sponsoring a US Ignite Community:

  • Connect with senior local municipal leaders and help steer smart city application development
  • Partner with local entrepreneurs and accelerator groups to drive the digital economy
  • Gain access to advanced network infrastructure and applications
  • Achieve national visibility as a US Ignite partner advancing smart connected communities
  • Leverage US Ignite staff expertise and resources

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