Opportunity number
NSF 22-568
National Science Foundation (NSF)
Future Manufacturing (FM)
Due date
May 10, 2022
Advanced Manufacturing Economic Development Education & Workforce Information Technologies Innovation Research Workforce Development
Project funding
$100,000 to $3M
Program funding
Funding size
Below $2M

Future Manufacturing (FM)

RFP Summary provided by the agency

The goal of this solicitation is to support fundamental research and education of a future workforce that will enable Future Manufacturing: manufacturing that either does not exist today or exists only at such small scales that it is not viable. Future Manufacturing will require the design and deployment of diverse new technologies for synthesis and sensing, and new algorithms for manufacturing new materials, chemicals, devices, components and systems. It will require new advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, new cyber infrastructure, new approaches for mathematical and computational modeling, new dynamics and control methodologies, new ways to integrate systems biology, synthetic biology and bioprocessing, and new ways to influence the economy, workforce, human behavior, and society.
Among this array of technologies and potential research subjects, three thrust areas have been identified for support in FY 2020 under this solicitation:

  1. Future Cyber Manufacturing Research,
  2. Future Eco Manufacturing Research, and
  3. Future Biomanufacturing Research.

This solicitation seeks proposals to perform fundamental research to enable new manufacturing capabilities in one or more of these thrust areas.

This solicitation will support the following three award tracks:
Future Manufacturing Research Grants (FMRG) – Two types of awards will be supported:

Type I: $500,000 to $750,000 per year for up to five years,
Type II: $750,000 to $2,000,000 per year for up to five years;

Future Manufacturing Seed Grants (FMSG) – Awards in this track will provide support for up to two years at a level not to exceed $250,000 per year; and
Future Manufacturing Networks (FMNet) – Awards in this track will provide up to five years of support at a total amount of $500,000.
Interdisciplinary teams commensurate with the scope of the proposed research, education plan, and budget are required. Proposals must include demonstrated expertise among the team members to carry out the proposed research, education, and workforce development activities. The use of a convergence approach is expected.

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