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Smart city technologies are being deployed in more and more cities across the country, creating new services that offer safer streets, less traffic, and energy savings. While pilot projects have returned encouraging results, planning and deploying smart city services at a transformative level remains a challenge for many local leaders to navigate.

To address this challenge, US Ignite, with the support of corporate partners Cisco, Crown Castle, Intel, Interdigital and Juniper, launched the US Ignite Forum. Established as a means to facilitate city-to-city sharing of best practices and lessons learned related to impactful deployments in their communities, the US Ignite Forum will advance municipal efforts to deploy transformative smart city projects. 

“There is no one-size-fits-all approach to smart city deployments,” says Chicago’s Chief Information Officer and Forum co-host Danielle DuMerer. “At the US Ignite Forum, I have the chance to better understand how a successful project from another city might be replicated in my own. The workshops offer detailed discussions of challenges and opportunities, including new services for residents and measuring return on investment. This exchange is really valuable.”

The goal of the US Ignite Forum is to accelerate the deployment of smart community projects through three primary activities:

  1. Convene small, curated workshops through which local governments and their project partners explore in detail project approaches and share best practices and resources.
  2. Identify funding sources for IoT-based projects deployed in smart community environments.
  3. Develop playbooks regarding smart lighting, wireless deployments and other topics covered by US Ignite Forum workshops

US Ignite Forum Playbooks:

Download the US Ignite Forum Overview to learn more about our approach.

For additional information, please contact Nick Maynard or Mari Silbey.

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