Augmented Reality Development Challenge Host Community Application

Now Closed

Communities interested in hosting and running a competition as part of the Augmented Reality Development Challenge supported by US Ignite and Facebook Reality Labs should apply below. Applications are due December 11, 2020.

For questions or additional information, email [email protected]

Hosts are required to:
Engage local companies, foundations, or other organizations to match or exceed US Ignite’s $20,000 sponsorship and pitch their challenges to entrepreneurs at the event
Ensure that at least $34,000 of the combined sponsorship funding goes to developer teams for application development
Work with the co-sponsors and US Ignite to develop a compelling pitch
Recruit entrepreneurs/developers capable of building advanced applications to develop new AR applications
Orient teams and distribute advance materials describing the challenges to entrepreneurs and developers
Create a final report summarizing the successes of the competition, the winning applications, and best practices learned

These competitions will benefit host communities by:
Encouraging new local investments and partnerships to leverage US Ignite investments in the local innovation ecosystem
Engaging more companies and developers in the app creation process
Meeting core local company needs and resulting in the development of at least two new, smart, advanced applications
Supporting the local entrepreneurial community

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