We captured the excitement behind the AI for IoT Information (AI3) Prize Competition in two short videos. The AI3 Prize Competition challenged teams to create an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system to help first responders leverage data from IoT devices, smart buildings, and other surrounding sources. Two teams, CNA-riis and Engineering Dynamics, won 1st place and $90,000, and Team IoT-GPT won third place and $40,000 (see full announcement here).

Check out the two videos below to hear from the contestants, organizers, and judges. Learn about their excitement to leverage AI to help first responders.

Video 1: AI Innovations for First Responders: Insights from the AI3 Prize Competition

Discover how AI is revolutionizing public safety. This video features the AI3 Prize Competition contestants and organizers sharing their insights on developing AI-driven solutions that empower first responders to tackle real-world public safety challenges. (3 minutes)

Video 2: AI3 Prize Competition: Organizing for Innovation in Public Safety

Take an inside look at the process behind the AI3 Prize Competition. This video reveals how US Ignite, Texas A&M, TEEX, and NIST orchestrated the competition, guiding teams through development phases to create impactful AI solutions for first responders. (5 minutes) 

Learn more about the AI3 Prize Competition and the winners here.