US Ignite’s Utah Tech Week event touched on a timely subject for Salt Lake City: how to track and mitigate air quality issues during prime winter pollution months. The event featured a series of panels with local startup founders, academic researchers, and city and state leaders. Participants discussed how to track sources of pollution (like idling cars), as well as proactive policies for reducing air contaminants.


Watch the report by Fox 13 Salt Lake City below:

"It causes... a lot of respiratory illnesses and complications..." Carl Luft, Vice President, Tellus Networked Sensor Solutions

Although the challenges caused by poor air quality are significant, the US Ignite event showed that community members in Salt Lake City are rallying to attack the problem. Increased air quality monitoring efforts, help from residents on enforcing current idling laws, and increased use of electrified tools and equipment will all help pave the path toward better air quality.

"We have scientists, we have entrepreneurs, we have policymakers all in the same room, talking about creative solutions and it's going to take all of those approaches to find the best solution," Debbie Lyons, Sustainability Director for Salt Lake City

utah tech week panel discussing air quality

Over 70 individuals attended the event. Learn more about US Ignite’s work in Salt Lake City here.¬†