The year 2020 is fast upon us, and while our crystal ball can’t tell us everything that lies ahead, we do have a strong lineup of US Ignite events in the forecast.

Please mark your calendars for:

US Ignite Forum – Smart City ROI
San Diego, California

The US Ignite Forum on Smart City ROI will cover smart city projects that demonstrate tangible return on investment such as smart lighting initiatives funded by LED cost savings, mobility projects that improve traffic flow, and smart kiosks that generate advertising revenue. Join us to learn how cities are investing in connected infrastructure, the new challenges and opportunities they face, and how early project outcomes are influencing future deployment plans. Early registration now open for municipal leaders, and academic and non-profit partners.



2020 US Ignite Application Summit
& Spring Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo

Our annual conference returns to Denver this year, kicking off with a full-day Forum event on Smart City Small Cells on April 6th. Main-stage presentations and application demos begin on April 7th. Early details on the agenda are now available online.

Never been to a US Ignite Application Summit? Check out our highlight video and the agenda from the 2019 event on our Application Summit page.


Exact date TBD
US Ignite Forum – Smart City Utility Partnerships
Austin, Texas

This Forum workshop will consider where utilities and smart cities intersect. How can utility infrastructure and services play a role in smarter development, and what are the best ways to partner across the smart city ecosystem?


Exact date TBD
US Ignite Forum – Smart City Venue Opportunities
St. Petersburg, Florida

This workshop will examine successful community efforts to pair strategic venue development (stadiums, theaters, retail venues, innovation hubs) with greater connectivity and services to support wrap-around smart city initiatives.


See you in 2020!