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We’re moving Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo online October 27-29 so you can join us from your living room, poolside or the kitchen table whether you’re in Austin or Adelaide, Miami or Madrid.

Connect with more city leaders than ever before, and view content live or on demand. City employees attend for free, and if you’re not a direct city employee but you’re part of the US Ignite Smart Gigabit Communities network, contact Lee Davenport for registration details. Full program available online.


US Ignite Content Highlights

Tuesday October 27, 2020

All the World’s a Wireless Testbed
11:15 AM – 11:45 AM

The future of wireless technology isn’t in a lab. It’s in the connected communities, campuses, companies, and military bases where people live and work. This panel will examine the advantages of real-world, city-scale testbeds – how they can accelerate innovation and ensure that communities benefit from the technology breakthroughs that scientists engineer.

Joe Kochan, CEO, US Ignite
Jack Belcher, CIO, City of Arlington, VA
Marc Hoit, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology, NC State
Kira Theuer, Sr. Business Development Manager, NI (National Instruments)


Broadband Models for Unserved and Underserved Communities
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

What’s the best way to connect communities that still don’t have sufficient broadband service? A recent study by US Ignite and Altman Solon suggests a combination of public and private investment is the right way to move forward. Join partners from Altman Solon as they present major findings from the report Broadband Models for Unserved and Underserved Communities examining five different network and service options for broadband deployment. Then tune in for US Ignite interviews with leaders from Lincoln, Nebraska and Westminster, Maryland. These interviews cover two of the five broadband models in depth, including how communities should make their own decisions on deployment based on demographics, existing infrastructure, and available funding sources.

Mari Silbey, Senior Director, US Ignite
Charles Cieutat, Partner, Altman Solon
Mat Grudzien, Director, Altman Solon
David Young, CIO, City of Lincoln, NE
Dr. Robert Wack, City Council President, Westminster, MD


Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Data-Driven Urban Development
10:40 AM – 11:10 AM

Big Data has become a tool widely adopted for urban development – big data is collected constantly and provides city planners with a much, much more precise tool to manage the things that are important to a city. This panel will discuss data driven urban development and, as a tool, how big data offers significant benefits for planners and others in the business of planning, managing, and improving cities.

Nick Maynard, COO, US Ignite
Nicole Raimundo, CIO, Town of Cary, North Carolina
Mike Nawrocki, Vice President of Technology and Solutions, ATIS
Dr. Mina Sartipi, Director of the Center for Urban Informatics and Progress


The Nuts and Bolts of 5G
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Telecom companies are pursuing highly ambitious network upgrades for the rollout of 5G, but carriers and communities have different priorities when it comes to small cell permitting, infrastructure management, and civic need. Many local governments also lack the programs and processes necessary to meaningfully guide 5G deployments. This session will examine strategies for creating common ground, streamlining operations, and maximizing overall benefit. Panel participants will discuss not only the nitty gritty of regulatory requirements and access rights, but also where opportunities for collaboration exist in the joint effort to lead communities into a smarter, more connected future.

Mari Silbey, Senior Director, US Ignite
Mike Fabbri, Vice President of Site Solutions and Services, CommScope
Staci Pies, Vice President of Government Affairs, Crown Castle
Jennifer Tifft, Deputy Commissioner, City of Syracuse, New York



Thank you to everyone who attended in 2019! Watch above to see our colleagues, partners, and city leaders from the Summit talk about the important work of making communities smarter. And check out some of our favorite photos from the 2019 event.


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