US Ignite hosted a discussion on how community members are rising to the challenge of COVID-19 by finding ways to support local businesses. We assembled a panel of experts and convened participants from the cohort of over 30 communities that are part of our Smart Gigabit Communities project, which was started with funding from the National Science Foundation. Panelists shared real-world experiences and the resources they’re using to communicate to the public to help small businesses.

A list of resources from the panelists is available under the video recording below.

US Ignite would like to thank the panelists, and everyone who is stepping up during this crisis for their hard work and support.


Resources & Links

Find a lender eligible to provide funds as part of the Paycheck Protection Program

San Francisco resources for businesses and employees impacted by COVID-19

Information on the District of Columbia’s response to COVID-19

Industry ideas for DC government during COVID-19

RIoT’s MISSION-R, Making Innovation and Startups Succeed In Our New Reality
MISSION-R supports innovation for public and economic health in the aftermath of COVID-19