After talking to more than 30 communities within the Smart Gigabit Communities network, and learning from hundreds more who are building resiliency strategies in response to COVID-19, the team at US Ignite optimistically shares several important learnings in the new publication, Trends in Smart Communities: 2020.

Whether rural, urban, or somewhere in between, communities will realign resources in 2020 to respond to COVID and support citizen safety, healthy, and well-being. We’ve heard from municipal leaders who will continue to improve their ability to govern virtually. We’ve talked with organizations that will reinforce high-quality and accessible education and workforce training. We’ve learned from public health experts and industry professionals who will facilitate safe and healthy movement across public gatherings and transportation methods.

The public will look to local governments for signs that leaders are aware of the challenges facing residents, and that they’re taking the best steps to address concerns. Technology has a significant role to play, and we believe that innovation in technology will help deliver the solutions necessary to help communities adapt and thrive.

In this report, Trends in Smart Communities: 2020, we outline areas of work underway to help communities, and we share several successful deployments of smart city initiatives (projects, applications, or services) in categories that include:

  • Closing Broadband Gaps
  • Supporting Public Health
  • Creating Healthy Public Spaces
  • Reframing Education
  • Enhancing Workforce Development
  • Increasing Resiliency

We look forward to continuing this important dialog and to hearing from you. Send us feedback at [email protected].


View the COVID-19 Trends Smart and Connected Communities Report