Our Smart Gigabit Communities (SGC) partners have produced hundreds of applications, with the best going on to deployment and widespread adoption. Now, one SGC challenge winner in Richardson, Texas has taken another step in that direction, announcing last week the launch of a new artificial intelligence platform that the development team plans to take to school administrators, municipal governments, and private enterprises.

Designed by University of Texas at Dallas student Ashlesha Nesarikar, the iNotify app started out as a tool for identifying weapons on a security video feed, and for monitoring high-level threat situations to improve emergency response. The app has grown, however, into a full-fledged platform that can be applied to other scenarios beyond weapons identification. Nesarikar envisions additional AI modules supporting collaboration, audio detection, infrared tracking, and more. Customers will be able to license the solution or subscribe to the iNotify platform as a service.

It’s important to note that any AI program is only as intelligent as the algorithms that govern it, and even in the most meticulously crafted system, there is still the potential for mistakes and unforeseen outcomes. The iNotify team, however, is well aware of the risks.

“The need for monitoring, observing, and mitigating known and unknown abhorrent system behaviors in all AI systems, including false positives, cannot be overstated,” said advisor to the iNotify team, Abhijit Nesarikar, Ph.D. in a recent press release. “The iNotify architecture represents our approach for humans and AI to coexist and collaborate as it provides a visibility into the decision-making process of the system in real-time and compensates for the black-box nature of AI.”

The iNotify software developers have now moved their AI platform into production and are in active discussions with potential partners and customers about field trials. Interested in learning more? Ashlesha Nesarikar, who founded startup company Plano Intelligence Inc. as a home for iNotify, is available for inquiries at [email protected].