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US Ignite’s Smart Gigabit Communities (SGC) program is a network of more than 25 communities, each committed to the goal of accelerating the development, deployment and sharing of smart community/ Internet of Things (IoT) applications as an important element of their efforts to drive local innovation economies. Participating SGC communities leverage local resources Including high-speed networks, local university researchers and innovation steering committee of local stakeholders to support application deployment and sharing. The benefits of each community’s program is amplified across the network of SGCs as next-gen smart community applications are shared among US Ignite’s international ecosystem of communities

Funded via a three-year, $6 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), SGC creates a network of cities each employing a common approach to foster a gigabit application ecosystem. Today, 19 communities have joined together as part of the US Ignite SGC initiative.

Current SGCs include:

  • Albuquerque, NM
  • Austin, TX
  • Adelaide, Australia
  • Burlington, VT
  • Chattanooga, TN
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Colorado Springs, CO
  • Eugene/Springfield, OR
  • Flint, MI
  • Jackson, TN
  • Kansas City, MO & KS
  • Lafayette, LA
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Lexington, KY
  • Lincoln, NE
  • Madison, WI
  • NCNGN (North Carolina Tri-Cities)
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Red Wing Ignite, MN
  • Richardson, TX
  • San Diego, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Urbana Champaign, IL
  • Utah Ignite
  • Washington, DC

Note: It is the policy of US Ignite to not pay indirect expenses such as program administration and overhead due to the relatively small size of the grants made by the organization.  Exceptions will be made for certain grant programs, on a casebycase basis, at the sole discretion of US Ignite management

Featured applications

Health applications

application Program Categories Funders Community

Managing Urban Air Quality (Chicago)

Array of Things (AoT) provides application developers with near-real time, high spatial-temporal resolution data about urban air quality, weather, and other factors. AoT provides tech/service developers with an urban scale testbed to embed new ...

Smart Gigabit Communities None

SeaCat: SDN End-to-End Application Containment

Securing OpenMRS (open source medical record system) by deploying it in the SeaCat Application Containment framework. Demo will show the following: - Initially user only has access to the default network context. - User uses a browser ...

Smart Gigabit Communities None

Interactive Interface for Remote Physical Therapy

Our interactive physical therapy interface provides remote, in-home assessment and coaching with quantitative measurement of balance and movement 1. A physical therapist (PT) will be standing by at the University of Missouri, Columbia, MO. 2 ...

Smart Gigabit Communities Kansas City, KS and MO

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Education & Workforce applications

application Program Categories Funders Community

Gigabit-networked microscopy used to create a cross-country learning environment

USC is partnering with a STEM high school in Chattanooga and using gigabit networks to send high-definition 4K images of microorganisms directly into the classrooms. This gives students access to researchers and live microscopic images ...

Smart Gigabit Communities None


The Gigabots bring realtime internet connectivity to educational robotics platforms.

Smart Gigabit Communities Mozilla Kansas City, KS and MO

Educational Equity VR

Educational Equity VR is an immersive virtual reality experience designed to simulate a realistic, stressful classroom environment. The goal is to raise teacher awareness of how implicit bias influences decisions on discipline, and provide teachers ...

Smart Gigabit Communities None

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Energy applications

application Program Categories Funders Community

Secure-WAMS: Cyber-security mechanisms for wide-area monitoring and control of next-generation power grids

The application demonstrates impacts of cyber attacks and network latency in a power grid, and how the intelligent wide-area communications and distributed applications help re-stabilize the grid.

Smart Gigabit Communities None


ParaDrop is a virtualized platform for home WiFi gateways that allows diverse third-party services (e.g., home automation) to be easily installed and managed. - We will show how developers can install different applications and services ...

Smart Gigabit Communities Madison, WI

Packetized Energy Management

Packetized Energy Management is an energy resource coordination system that coordinates flexible electricity uses (like water heating, electric vehicle charging, and battery storage) in real time to reduce energy costs, reduce the need for energy ...

Smart Gigabit Communities Energy None

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Transportation applications

application Program Categories Funders Community

Urban Air Quality Dynamics

Develop air quality sensing platform to determine spatial and temporal characteristics of urban air quality in diverse urban topologies.

Smart Gigabit Communities None

dropark: Your Parking Solution

dropark is a real-time parking solution. We allow drivers to know exactly where a parking space is available to them, while allowing parking lot owners to efficiently manage and monetize their parking spaces.

Smart Gigabit Communities None

Towards: Wireless Real-Time Augmented Vision

Accounting for over 80% of human-perceived information about the physical world, vision is a critical interface between humans and city environments. Natural human vision, however, is subject to inherent physical constraints such as being limited ...

Smart Gigabit Communities None

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Advanced Manufacturing applications

application Program Categories Funders Community

Simulation-as-a-Service for Advanced Manufacturing

We want to transform how professionals and students can make and learn-about advanced manufacturing components through a "simulation-as-a-service" app based on cloud resource and software access. Advanced Manufacturing Apps that perform complex modeling and simulation ...

Smart Gigabit Communities None

Gilbreth and Godel: Industrial Robotics Applications

We utilize cloud computing and high speed networks to make industrial robotics more flexible and adaptable. Using robotics, cloud computing, and 3D sensors, we are developing tools to help automate more complex aspects of manufacturing.

Smart Gigabit Communities Richardson, TX

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Public Safety applications

application Program Categories Funders Community

Storm Surge

Helping residents in North Carolina forecast and predict storms for coastal North Carolina waters. The project covers a range of coastal oceanographic and engineering problems, including regional and local tidal phenomena and coupled storm surge ...

Smart Gigabit Communities NCNGN, NC

South Carolina Connected Vehicle Testbed (SC-CVT)

Clemson University in collaboration with the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SC-DOT) is developing the South Carolina Connected Vehicle Testbed (SC-CVT) located along a 5-mile segment of Interstate I-85 in Greenville South Carolina. As part ...

Smart Gigabit Communities None

Cyber Security as a Service

Yes, you can do effective digital forensic / cyber security techniques from across the country. We will discuss the current state of remote digital forensic / cyber security. Focusing on time - how long does this currently take ...

Smart Gigabit Communities Big Data Burlington, VT

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General / Platform / Other applications

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Cityzenith 5D Smart City

Cityzenith's 5D Smart City UI and app stack platform empower cities around the world to develop and deploy standards-based solutions.

Smart Gigabit Communities San Francisco, CA

Long-Distance Battery-Powered Sensors for the IoT

SIGFOX uses a UNB (Ultra Narrow Band) based radio technology to connect devices to its global network. The use of UNB is key to providing a scalable, high-capacity network, with very low energy consumption, while ...

Smart Gigabit Communities None

SD2N: Software-Defined Urban Distribution Network for Smart Cities

Develop a gigabit infrastructure to integrate SDN and real-time computing for ultra- resilient, efficient and secure urban power networks.

Smart Gigabit Communities None

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