All-SGC Meeting Survey

Please take a moment to complete the following survey about the monthly All-SGC call.  We are constantly seeking to make this meeting a valuable resource for our growing community of smart city leaders, seeking to find opportunities to advance their smart city strategies.

  • To you, what has been the MOST valuable topic of an All-SGC call?
  • To you, what is the LEAST valuable topic of the All-SGC call?
  • Please rank these regular topics in order of importance. (Drag handle to re-order)
    • US Ignite Forum
    • Funding Opportunities
    • Community Updates
    • Featured SGC Application
    • Featured SGC Project
    • Upcoming Events
  • To you, what is missing from the All-SGC call that you would value?
  • Type your first name for the gift card drawing here (optional!)

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