Smart City Small Cells Playbook

Playbook Intro

Small cells have become a frequent topic of discussion for communities in light of the FCC wireless infrastructure order designed to accelerate the roll-out of 5G small cells in cities across the U.S. As a result of that order, local governments must now engage carriers and operators in new ways, while proactively defining application, design, and location requirements for small cell deployments.

US Ignite hosted a Forum workshop on Smart City Small Cells focused on strategies that cities and network operators are creating to work together to deliver next generation connectivity. As a follow up to the workshop, US ignite created a podcast series, Ignite on Air, to dig deeper into the topics discussed during the event. Mari Silbey, Forum Program Director, held interviews with each of the speakers exploring their engagements with wireless carriers and highlighting insights related to permitting processes, deployment strategies, and revenue opportunities…

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