Middle Mile as a Catalyst: Municipal Investments for Broadband Equity and Affordability

Reliable broadband is a cornerstone of economic growth, education, and community development in today’s digital age. Our latest guide, Middle Mile as a Catalyst: Municipal Investments for Broadband Equity and Affordability, provides a roadmap for local governments to build a middle-mile network that facilitates affordable and accessible broadband services. 

Municipal leaders can use this guide to discover and explore how municipally-enabled, middle-mile, Wide Area Networks can provide last-mile broadband access without bearing the full buildout cost.

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Key recommendations explored in Middle Mile as a Catalyst: 

  1. Needs Assessment and Stakeholder Engagement:
    • Identify and address gaps in broadband infrastructure, including high costs, outdated tech, and connectivity issues.
    • Engage stakeholders at every level to build support and secure funding.
    • Appoint an advocate to align community needs with project goals and ensure vendor accountability.
  2. Consult Experts and Document Assets:
    • Utilize industry experts to navigate contracts and ensure clear agreements.
    • Document infrastructure assets for project scalability and impact.
    • Maintain an inventory of funding sources for middle-mile investments.
  3. Strategic Procurement and Clear Contracts:
    • Implement flexible, outcome-based procurement strategies for tailored solutions.
    • Balance progress with funding requirements to optimize resources.
    • Establish clear Service Level Agreements, testing protocols, and succession planning to ensure progress towards last-mile broadband objectives.

Middle Mile as a Catalyst equips municipal leaders with the framework to leverage a middle-mile program to deliver affordable broadband services. Dive into the comprehensive guide and begin exploring this innovative approach.

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