Building Trust-Centric Innovation Districts Playbook

Lessons from Five Communities

Playbook Intro

Innovation districts are playing an increasingly important role in the development of cities. These geographically bound areas foster a synergistic relationship between people, firms, and the commercialization of ideas. While typically, innovation districts involve partnerships between local government leaders, universities, and other stakeholders in large metropolitan areas, smaller cities are also exploring the innovation district as a means to spark economic growth. This playbook provides overviews of five different innovation communities, highlighting key features and observations on the six core components of trust: data governance, privacy, cybersecurity, community engagement, equity, and sustainability.

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The five innovation communities are:

  • Innovation District in Chattanooga, TN
  • University City District in Philadelphia, PA
  • South Lake Union in Seattle, WA
  • Cortex Innovation Community in St. Lois, MO
  • Safety and Innovation Zone in Arlington, VA

Additionally, within the five case studies, “Tip” boxes help point out actionable recommendations for building an innovation district centered on civic trust.

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