US Ignite seeks a vendor to provide Software as a service (SaaS)/Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud computing platform to enable US Ignite to build a visual, demographic economic tool. Responses to the RFP are due by June 12, 2019.

For further details, access the complete RFP document here.

Current Questions and Answers from prospective proposers include: 

Q: As it is SaaS solution we need to consider the expected data traffic in the proposal. Therefore we would like to ask you what are the expected data volumes that will be processed and also how many users will be using the platform?

  • A: For the initial 6-months of the initiative, we will use ~10 datasets from each of the three selected cities  The size of datasets used will vary – examples of datasets include the following:

Example City #1

Building FootPrints:

Traffic Counts:

Buildings Elevations:

Residential Building Permits:

Busineess Districts:

Recommended Bike Routes:

Transit stop peak arrival:

Example City #2

Bike Route:

Business Districts:

Zoning regions:

Parking Meter Data:

Traffic count/volume:

In regards to expected data traffic, we anticipate the primary users of the tool will be city leaders and industry members – we estimate that there will be no more than 10-15 users accessing the tool at any given time. We anticipate the number of users may increase as the tool gains traction.  We anticipate that there may be 1-2 application developers editing and working on the tool at any given time.

Q: Is a 6-month or 12-month contract/proposal expected?

  • A: A 12-month contract is expected. The tool development of the tool will take 6-months, and operational maintenance will cover another 6-months.

Q: The way we price our plans is entirely dependent upon who is doing the development. If we are supporting US-Ignite’s development efforts, we can include a heightened support tier with a technical advisor. But, with us as the vendor providing hands-on developing, is another story and requires much more intensive scoping exercises to estimate the cost. What level of support are you looking for?

  • A: US Ignite would lead on the development of the tool, with dedicated technical support from the selected vendor.

Q: How do you envision the end users “edit access”? What will they require access to? This also plays a large role in how we price this engagement, as we focus on the number of login users, not the end viewers who will eventually consume the interface and do some filtering and data manipulation already presented to them.

  • A: User edit access should be provided to one or two users (i.e., two US Ignite employees) for the development of the tool. The tool will be accessible through a publicly available web interface by city employees and other stakeholders interested in utilizing the tool.

Q: How is the end interface being served to the end user? Are they paying for login access to a portal? Or visualizing on a public website?

  • A: Either of these options (pay for login access or visualize on a public website) will work. Since the tool will be open sourced, US Ignite envisions to have the tool as a part of suite of tools that US Ignite offers on its website.