US Ignite is seeking proposals from technology partners to deploy, operate and maintain autonomous vehicles (“AV”) to help serve the needs of U.S. Army Installation at Fort Carson, near the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado. The objective of this request for proposal is to complete an Autonomous Service Vehicle Pilot (“the Pilot”) as part of the AV Research Testbed. The use cases for the Pilot may include airfield maintenance, equipment delivery and personnel transportation. Examples of a Service AV Pilots may include, but are not limited to:

  • Automated inspection vehicle for airfield ramps and taxiways
  • Foreign Object Debris (FOD) detection and removal on runways
  • Airfield, taxiway and runway sweeper
  • Equipment delivery tractor for transporting tools, fuels or maintenance equipment
  • Package delivery between facilities via roadways or dedicated paths
  • Point-to-point personnel transportation vehicle for ride-hailing service

For further details, access the complete RFP document here.

Please visit the consolidated list of Questions and Answers from prospective proposers here (posted on 2/18/20 and updated 4/6/20).

Preliminary Proposals are due on February 21, 2020. Full Proposals are due on April 10, 2020 at 8 pm eastern time  (NOTE DEADLINE EXTENSION).

**IMPORTANT: Please note that this procurement is a separate procurement from the On Base Shuttle Pilot RFP. US Ignite intends to award contracts under the now closed (submissions under review) On Base Shuttle Pilot opportunity and this active Service Vehicle Pilot opportunity.**