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US Ignite Announces 15 Smart Gigabit Communities

Smart Gigabit Community Program will Leverage Gigabit Infrastructures for Economic Advantage in Multiple Local Economies

US Ignite announced today the creation of a national network of Smart Gigabit Communities. Each of the 15 communities in the network has made a significant commitment toward levering next-generation smart city and Internet technologies to keep pace with the world’s rapidly changing technology and economy. US Ignite is a nonprofit organization that fosters the development and deployment of next-generation technology applications that will profoundly impact how Americans live, work, and learn.

Each Smart Gigabit Community has committed to develop two gigabit applications or gigabit public services that provide advanced technology solutions to issues faced by that community. They also agree to share those applications with the other Smart Gigabit Communities.

Gigabit applications take advantage of the 100x increase in Internet power that comes from deploying gigabit Internet access to homes, small businesses, healthcare facilities, schools, libraries, and museums. Increasingly, cities are installing their own municipal gigabit Internet or enticing Google Fiber, ATT Gigapower, Centurylink Gigabit Internet, Verizon FiOS, Cox Communications or other gigabit providers to upgrade their community.

US Ignite is assisting each community by providing ideas, education, and resources for funding and deployment. Each community will share its applications or public services with other members of the Smart Gigabit Community network. This will enable communities to build on the innovations of the entire network.

“This program is a pivotal moment for Smart Community application development,” said Glenn Ricart, co-founder and CTO of US Ignite. “The benefits of each community’s program will be amplified by this network of Smart Gigabit Communities. It’s innovation in a 15-community consortium where each community’s contribution is multiplied by 15! We look forward to working with each team in each community on their exciting projects,” he added.

This initiative is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and will also be supported by US Ignite partners including Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Juniper, Mozilla, Internet2, Viavi Solutions, and others.

Each of these US Ignite communities will implement a low-latency and ultra-fast network with locavore (local or edge cloud) computing and storage capabilities. This combination will support highly interactive and visually immersive experiences not possible on today’s commercial Internet. Communities will also receive technical assistance from US Ignite staff and partners in designing and developing applications to take advantage of the new network connections including access to fund accelerators and technical staff.