US Ignite is seeking proposals from technology partners to design a Remote Surveillance System for Military Installations as part of the Smart Installation and Community Dashboard (SICD) Program in support of the U.S. Army Garrison Fort Benning (FBGA). The Project includes a total of four Phases.

Phase 1 – Remote Surveillance System Design
Phase 2 – Installation
Phase 3 – Operations
Phase 4 – Project Completion

Scope of Work

The scope of this RFP and contract award is for Phase 1 – Remote Surveillance System Design. The Final Design Proposal due at the end of the Phase 1 contract must meet the System Capability Requirements shown in Appendix A. The overall objective of this pilot project is to quickly deploy a self-contained, temporary or semi-permanent, intelligent video surveillance system that edge-processes data from optical and thermal cameras to monitor remote locations on the installation to detect the presence of unauthorized soldiers, civilians and vehicles in real time. The system must include its own power and communications and be connected and integrated into the SICD to provide alerts to a number of directorates on FBGA to monitor and respond to the incident as needed. The system will record and retain the surveillance video and provide a user interface to manage the collected information for review and use in investigations.

US Ignite will evaluate and award contracts to one or more Proposers. The selected Proposer(s) must conduct a comprehensive site survey of the pilot deployment area at FBGA within 30 days of the contract award. Information gathered from the site visit and discussions with the project partners will be used to complete the Phase 1 deliverables, which includes preparing and presenting a Final Design Proposal. The contract term for Phase 1 is expected to begin late November and end February 1, 2023. The award(s) available for Phase 1 is up to $25,000 available through a firm fixed price contract with US Ignite.

US Ignite may select a Final Design Proposal. The Proposer that may be selected will be awarded a new contract for project Phases 2 through 4, for completion by December 2023. If the pilot deployment is successful in Phase 3, additional Remote Surveillance Systems may be procured and installed in other locations on FBGA. The selected Proposer is expected to work collaboratively with the project partners that include FBGA, the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC), Columbus State University (CSU) and US Ignite through the duration of the SICD program.

Documents for this RFP

Questions and Answers

All clarification questions were due by October 24, 2022. All requests, questions, or other communications about this RFP shall be made in writing to [email protected]. Communications made to other US Ignite personnel or attempts to ask questions by phone or in person will not be allowed or recognized as valid and may disqualify the supplier. Suppliers should only rely on written statements issued by the RFP coordinator.

Review the responses provided to the questions received by the deadline below.

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All RFP proposals must be submitted by November 16, 2022 (NEW DATE!) no later than 8:00 PM EDT via email to [email protected].

For details on what proposals must include and evaluation criteria download the RFP document.

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