US Ignite seeks a qualified video services provider to collaborate with us to build a video library to inspire and empower local tech entrepreneurs in the DC-area as part of our InnovateDMV project. The videos will increase public awareness of US Ignite and the InnovateDMV program while also providing visibility to DC-area entrepreneurs and businesses.

Proposals must include information on project management, creativity, and experience, as well as a detailed budget proposal. The deadline to submit proposals is October 3, 2023.

The Bidder shall be responsible for all costs associated with the preparation and submission of its proposal, and US Ignite will in no case be responsible or liable for those costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the bidding process.


US Ignite believes that as a hub for digital community transformation, InnovateDMV will allow more residents within underinvested zones across the region to tap into new learning opportunities and entrepreneurship. Collectively, with more than 40 community partners, InnovateDMV hopes to place applications and technology solutions within reach of the community we serve. At the core of this project, we seek to provide greater opportunities to underserved residents of DC and Arlington County to participate in and gain from the rapidly growing technology sector in the region.

Scope of Work

US Ignite requests that the vendor create a video series featuring InnovateDMV staff through segmented interviews drawn from twelve conversations with founders and partners of this campaign effort. With a budget of $60,000, the videos should capture the energy and innovation of several DC and Arlington-based entrepreneurs and the ecosystem where they work and feature the hosts as experts in the field of leaders supporting tech-based entrepreneurship.

The vendor shall provide:

  • Pre-Production: Provide pre-production services, including a planning meeting, to help establish the style and scope of videos. It also includes interviews with US Ignite staff and other stakeholders involved with the creation and execution of the dashboard. The vendor shall then deliver a high-level outline for the project, followed by script ideas and interview questions to be approved by US Ignite.
  • Production: Provide personnel and equipment needed to create the videos. 
  • Post-Production: Provide the following deliverables post-production:
    • 10-12 videos (~3-4 minutes each), including 
      • Rough Cut Video, including video and graphic recommendations, 
      • Final Cut Video includes up to two rounds of revision,  
      • Custom introduction and credit sequences for video, and
      • All other raw video footage (if applicable).

The vendor will lead all aspects of the following:

  1. Storytelling: At the heart of the campaign is a well-conceived and designed campaign to capture inspiration from local entrepreneurs. Creativity from the video services provider will drive the success and put the campaign in the best position to succeed. 
  2. Filming and Production: The selected video services provider will be responsible for filming and producing captivating interviews and segments. This includes capturing high-quality video footage, clear audio, and professional editing.
  3. Graphic Design: We seek exceptional graphic design capabilities to package the videos with engaging visuals that reflect our brand identity and appeal to our target audience.
  4. Output Formats: The final deliverables will consist of videos tailored for various social media platforms (e.g., TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) and our organization’s website. The videos should be easily shareable and optimized for maximum impact.

Documents for this RFP

Questions and Answers

All clarification questions were due on September 24, 2023 via email to [email protected]. US Ignite’s responses to the questions can be found here.


All responses to this RFP shall be made in writing to [email protected]. Communications made to other US Ignite personnel or attempts to ask questions by phone or in person will not be allowed or recognized as valid and may disqualify the supplier. Suppliers should only rely on written statements issued by the RFP coordinator.

All proposals must be submitted by October 3, 2023, no later than 8:00 PM EDT to [email protected]. Any bid proposal received after this deadline will not be considered. 

For details on what proposals must include and evaluation criteria download the RFP document.

Download the RFP document