Cybersecurity problems tend to be undetectable until an incident occurs. A cybersecurity flaw can rear its head through a hijacked autonomous vehicle, an IoT device compromised via electromagnetic interference, a ransomware attack, or endless other cases. With the expanded use of IoT in transportation, automated infrastructure, and other autonomous systems, the security of these networks and devices is a top priority. 

Emerging 5G technologies can play an important role in fortifying cybersecurity systems. The Virginia Cybersecurity Challenge asks participants to develop a cybersecurity prototype that leverages unique elements of emerging 5G technologies to provide secure operations or communications in ways not possible on previous generation networks. Up to $52,000 will be awarded to solutions that demonstrate merit.

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Together with challenge co-host, Virginia Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI), US Ignite commits to support the winning team in refining their prototype into a commercializable product solution. Moreover, finalists will access multiple networks of subject matter experts, municipalities, and leaders in the smart city world across Virginia and the U.S. Read the iNotify story below for an example of a successfully scaled prototype achieved in a past US Ignite Challenge Competition.

Feeling Inspired? Apply by 10/15/2021

If reading this released your creative juices, then you should know that the call for proposals remains open through October 15, 2021. Watch the informational webinar below for more information, and head over to the official Virginia Cybersecurity Challenge page to learn more and submit your proposal. 

The Virginia Cybersecurity Challenge seeks to increase Virginia’s support of talent and the development of products that enhance cybersecurity. We are eager to help all creative processes and offer interested participants the opportunity to schedule a 20-minute call with us. During these calls we can answer questions, offer feedback on ideas, and explain the application process in further detail.

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Remember the call for proposals closes on October 15, 2021. Don’t delay getting started on your proposal!