Systemic racism, the encouragement of violence and brutality, and a lack of compassion in the face of suffering is tearing us apart. For the record, US Ignite stands with peaceful protesters demanding a change and acknowledges the rage of those who have protested peacefully for so long and still struggle to be heard. For George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and many others, we grieve their loss. We will continue to do our own work, as individuals and as an organization, to further tolerance, equity, and community strength in their absence.

At US Ignite, our focus is on the use of technology to boost economic development and improve quality of life, but much of the work we do has nothing to do with technology at all. Across local governments, academia, industry, and the nonprofit sector, we spend our time getting people to talk to one another, share ideas, and replicate solutions that work. We believe that with stronger communities, we can ensure a better life for everyone.

The days ahead are going to be difficult, but we can make progress. We can work together toward shared goals, supporting each other and the many communities we form.