Thank you to National Science Foundation and all of our partners for a very successful 2019 Application Summit, and for helping us determine every day how to make our cities and connected communities ever smarter.

Notable Quotes

“US Ignite tackles the challenges that our cities and communities are facing, bringing together technology and people to be able to make that happen.”
Erwin Gianchandani, National Science Foundation

“We were able to combine the efforts of the federal government, the NSF funding, and US Ignite was a key player in helping us to understand what the possibilities were there, and quite frankly the ability to let citizens understand what technology can do for them.”
Bob Bennett, Kansas City, MO

“If you are a community and you have a problem and you don’t know how to solve it, we can be a place where you can come and ask that question. And not only can we maybe help you find some answers, we might also be able to help you find some resources… We are not nearly done. We are at the very beginning of the smart city evolution. We want to get to the stage where there are lots of cities scaling successful ideas into full-blown smart city solutions.”
Joe Kochan, US Ignite