Nearly doubling its funding from previous rounds, the National Science Foundation is expected to award $43 million to Smart and Connected Community (S&CC) projects in the new NSF Solicitation 19-564. Teams can apply for integrative research grants, or – new this year – one-year planning grants intended to fund the capacity building necessary to prepare project teams for future S&CC grant proposals.

To support interested teams, US Ignite will host a webinar on May 21st providing details on the NSF solicitation as well as a chance for participants to ask questions on proposal requirements and strategies. This is a major funding opportunity for our collective community, and we encourage as many teams as possible to apply. Letters of intent are due August 6, 2019, and full proposals are due September 6, 2019.

US Ignite Webinar Details

What:     Presentation and Q&A session on applying for NSF funding under Solicitation 19-564
Who:      Dr. Glenn Ricart & Dr. Dryver Huston (prior recipient of S&CC funding) presenting
When:    May 21st, 3:00 PM Eastern Time
Where: (slides available), or dial 202-869-0136


From NSF: “Communities in the United States (US) and around the world are entering a new era of transformation in which residents and their surrounding environments are increasingly connected through rapidly-changing intelligent technologies. This transformation offers great promise for improved wellbeing and prosperity but poses significant challenges at the complex intersection of technology and society.”

The NSF 19-564 solicitation funds research and in-community pilots that address these issues.

For more information, please join the US Ignite webinar on May 21st. Note that successful applicant teams for S&CC funding will typically involve a researcher in technological science or engineering, a researcher in the social sciences, and a supportive community organization or leader. For community leaders looking to apply, please notify potential academic partners who may want to collaborate with you on this funding opportunity.