Calling all innovators! The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is launching a two-part prize challenge through its Public Safety Communications Research (PSCR) division. With $1.1 million in award money up for grabs, the challenge asks competitors to develop solutions that will help first responders handle emergency situations. The first contest area focuses on augmented reality. With a prize pool of $888,000, proposers are challenged to “design heads-up display and hologram-based augmented reality interfaces to power first responders.”

The second contest area focuses on using IoT data for scenario modeling. With $212,000 in prize money, the challenge in the second competition is to “develop a data appliance capable of emulating smart city data streams for emergency scenarios.”

Challenge partners include Magic Leap, the First Responder Network Authority, FirstNet, MSA – The Safety Company, and Blueforce Development. Both US Ignite and our partner Sensis are supporting the Chariot Challenge, and we encourage developers to form teams and submit your concepts for a chance to win not only prize money, but also the opportunity to work with challenge partners, demo a prototype at the NIST PSCR stakeholder meeting, and help the first responder community improve public safety and save lives.

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