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Our second podcast installment on smart city small cells is live! Tune in for an interview with Dallas officials including Assistant Director Ali Hatefi, Senior Program Manager Srinivasa Veeramallu, and City Attorney Don Knight. Our guests discuss:

  • How their small cell strategy has evolved
  • How they brought wireless carriers and the local power utility together to forge a consensus
  • The innovative approach they developed to make more infrastructure available for small cell attachments

This podcast is a follow-up to the Smart City Small Cells Forum workshop we hosted as a virtual event earlier this month. Mike Fabbri, Vice President and General Manager for CommScope also spoke at the event about how the company works with municipalities like Dallas to develop and design highly engineered structures to support small cell 4G and 5G capacity densification projects – with the flexibility to support evolving carrier requirements while meeting the aesthetic needs of the community.

More information on small cell technology and solutions is available from CommScope here. More details on Dallas small cell deployments are available on the city’s public works website.

For expert guidance on the health effects of 5G networks, please see the latest information from the World Health Organization which states: “To date, and after much research performed, no adverse health effect has been causally linked with exposure to wireless technologies.”

Enjoy the podcast episode! Listen above or on Spotify. Follow the RSS feed for future episodes.


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