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Smart City Technology Development and Deployment in the City of St. Louis, Missouri


St. Louis Development Corporation (SLDC), on behalf the City of St. Louis Smart City Advisory Group (Advisory Group), is seeking information regarding smart city technologies in the City of St. Louis (City). This RFI provides an opportunity for vendors to pitch smart city technology solutions to address objectives within various City departments and agencies.

RFP Summary

The purpose of this RFI is to identify technologies that can be deployed within a short time frame if budgets permit as well as technologies that are larger in scope and will take a longer period of time to implement. This is an open invitation for vendors to propose technology solutions that improve City services and meet one or more specific goals.


Solutions to the following non-exhaustive list of goals:
1. Public Safety – Make the City safer for residents and visitors.
2. Digital Equity – Increase access to technology for all citizens of the City.
3. Public WIFI distribution – Make WIFI internet access available throughout the City.
4. Public Transit Improvement – Make public transportation simpler and safer in order to grow the City’s transit ridership.
5. Visitor, Tourism, Special Events Information and Announcements – More efficiently disperse information to the people who live, work, and explore the City.
6. Coordination & Efficiency of City Services – This could include, but is not limited to, energy and cost savings and shorter service delivery timeframes.
7. Small-Cell Deployment – Manage the deployment of small-cell technology in a coordinate effort that will both make the technology available and keep a common theme throughout the City.
8. Public Data Collection and Management: Collect data about how people move through and enjoy the City in order to make the City more efficient and accessible; Enhance data sharing and collaboration between City Departments and other agencies
9. Public Space Enhancement – Improve the look and feel of the City by reducing streetscape clutter and improving lighting.
10. Economic Development – Drive investment, development, and population growth in the City
11. Government Transparency – Increase government transparency and community engagement
12. Maintenance, Monitoring, and Predictive Analysis – Establish processes for better management of City infrastructure

Tangible Work Products / Scope of Work

The submitting vendor shall build a case for how their technology and plan will specifically address the Smart City goals stated:
1. The vendor is expected to provide an explanation of which specific goal(s) their technology addresses and how exactly their technology will be successful in solving the problems related to that (those) goal(s).
2. Vendors must show the total cost estimates for their technology: acquisition costs, if any; annual fees/subscriptions, if any; and annual maintenance costs, if any.
3. The vendor is also expected to provide a timeline for implementation from an arbitrary start date.
4. If a pilot or small, but scalable, program is being proposed, vendors will be tasked with describing the trial period as well as the implementation of their smart city technologies throughout the City of St. Louis.
5. Vendor(s) should show an implementation plan establishing when and where each piece of equipment and technology will be located and providing a schedule for installation.
6. Vendor(s) shall provide an integration plan for how the new technology will be publicly integrated for project completion, long-term troubleshooting and general maintenance of all system parts including equipment and technologies.
7. Vendor(s) could be responsible for the funding plan and strategies for implementation such as advertising partnerships and other creative funding sources as no local funds have currently been allocated for this project. The plan shall also include options for a City revenue source and options for long-term City ownership.

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