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The vision of the Department is to enhance the quality of life and the environment of the citizens of Colorado by embracing technology to its fullest possible extent and use it to shape our future achievements in transportation – to further create an integrated transportation system that focuses on safely moving people, goods and information and by offering convenient linkages among modal choices. It accomplishes this by relying on its core values of safety, people, respect, integrity, customer service, and excellence.CDOT’s mission is to provide the best multi-modal transportation system for Colorado that most effectively and safely moves people, goods, and information. The Department endeavors to accomplish this mission through customer focus, leadership, partnership, integrated regional and statewide priorities, financial responsibilities, balanced quality of life, environment, accessible connectivity and modal choices, and social responsibility.

RFP Summary

The RoadX program fits into CDOT’s mission by seeking to implement the integration of technology and transportation solutions as expeditiously as possible. In accord with this intent, an aggressive implementation schedule, close coordination and expertise in program implementation of multiple projects across multiple corridors is preferred. This significant undertaking requires expert consultant assistance to serve as advisors, managers and extensions of CDOT technical and management staff. The goal is to leverage the use of the consultants working under this contract for programmatic support of all RoadX Program activities and, as needed, to move specific projects from conception to procurement for construction.


it is important to recognize the importance of ensuring that 1) each project has industry input, and 2) these projects all provide an interconnected foundation that builds toward the ultimate vision – the transformation of our transportation system through:
• CONNECTION: Transform Colorado into the most data-connected transportation system in the nation.
• TRANSPORT: Transform Colorado into the safest and most efficient freight transport system in the nation.
• COMMUTING: Transform Colorado into the most reliable transportation system for commuting in the nation.
• SAFETY: Make a dramatic leap towards zero deaths on Colorado roadways.
• INTEGRATION: Transform the state and its communities into the most technologically advanced in the nation by integrating a technology culture into our processes, workforce and systems.

Tangible Work Products / Scope of Work

o CONNECTION – Engage industry to develop solutions to transform data into actionable intelligence and deliver to drivers, cellular/mobile applications and connected and autonomous vehicles.

o TRANSPORT – Deploy emerging in-vehicle technology and supporting infrastructure to improve the safety and efficiency of transporting freight.

o COMMUTING – Deploy technology systems and infrastructure systems to improve the reliability of travel times and offer optimized routing and movement of commuters.

o SAFETY – Deploy advanced technology systems and infrastructure systems to improve the safety of Colorado roadways.

o INTEGRATION – Enable a planning framework that ensures technology and operational innovations are embedded into the overall transportation planning framework.

o Ensure that CDOT has the human capital and resources to understand and effectively integrate innovative technologies while transforming how the department “does business.”

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