Smart Cities Connect 2022

The US Ignite community is finally gathering in person again to exchange ideas, tips, and tricks on smart city and connectivity topics at the Smart Cities Connect Conference (SCC) in Columbus, Ohio!

You can find an exclusive guide to what US Ignite will have at SCC below, but most importantly, where to find us! Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments: [email protected].

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Given the unique occasion, we plan to announce a number of new resources for smart community leaders looking for funding, new solutions, or examples from other peer communities. 

Comcast, US Ignite and Philadelphia Collaborate on Smart Cities Pilot

The City of Philadelphia determined that finding a way to collect data more efficiently with real-time analytics would provide valuable insights and inform decisions. In collaboration with US Ignite and Comcast they deployed optical sensors onto 14 streetlights. The resulting smart technology allows the City to collect real-time data to count objects, check air quality, and monitor weather conditions.

See Comcast’s Announcement

Community CBRS Networks What you Need To Know

This new handy guide outlines what communities need to know about CBRS networks and includes lessons learned by US Ignite partners in real-world deployments.

Public Private Partnerships: A Case Study from Yonkers, NY

Yonkers is New Yorks’ third-largest city with a dense, high-poverty population in the downtown area. This case study will offer a close-up of how this municipality leveraged existing assets and infrastructure to forge public private partnerships to deliver connectivity to high-need communities.

Read the Case Study Now!

Welcome US Ignite Communities

The US Ignite Communities program just keeps getting better – with new and renewing member communities. During SCC we plan to welcome new communities to our network. Remember to join us on Wednesday morning to help us welcome them. 

Read the Announcement!

The Case for Open Access: Providing Optionality for US Municipalities 

In 2020 when we released a report in collaboration with Altman Solon, no one could have imagined how much the pandemic would change our world. Access to quality broadband is more important now than ever before. Via update, we make the case that the Open Access model is the one to watch.

Review the Update Here

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On Wednesday (4/6), we take center stage with two keynote sessions! All conference guests attend the same keynote sessions simultaneously, so we look forward to meeting you there.

April 6, 2022 | 8:30 – 10:30 | Union Station B

US Ignite Communities Recognized

US Ignite will recognize a leading group of communities working toward accelerating the smart city movement, closing the digital divide, and driving innovation.

  • Lee Davenport, Director of Community Development, US Ignite 
  • Nick Maynard, Co-founder, and CEO, US Ignite 

Learn more about US Ignite Communities


 Public Private Partnership in Action

  • Mari Silbey, Senior Director of Partnerships and Outreach, US Ignite (moderator)
  • Emily Yates, Smart City Director, City of Philadelphia (speaker)
  • Stephen Hackley, SVP – Community Connections, Comcast (speaker)

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SCC will host panels covering a wide range of smart city topics! You can see the full list here, but we especially encourage you to scroll through all of the panels featuring US Ignite Communities and team members:

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Also, remember that we want to hear from you! We welcome your comments, thoughts, and questions during SCC and afterward. Simply send us an email to [email protected] to start the conversation.

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