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Scroll through and explore these exciting next-generation application in various stages of development. All these Applications use next-gen technologies like software-defined networking, local cloud and gigabit to end-user and are transforming how we live, work, learn and play. If you have an Applications you would like to include in this growing list, please following the instruction below and join the US Ignite community.


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Global City Teams Challenge Transportation

FIWARE and OASC - Enabling smarter car navigation through cities

Brief Description: Car navigation experience on route is enriched by providing real time environmental information about the city and its facilities. Drivers are guided to a suitable parking spot (indoors or outdoors), depending on different ...

Global City Teams Challenge Transportation

Intelligent System to Enable Connected Vehicles

Leverage connected vehicles in diverse & hybrid environments to optimize transportation resources and reduce congestion. Real time connected vehicles and infrastructure to reduce congestion with Public Private Partnership data sharing.