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US Ignite to Lead Platform for Advanced Wireless Research Project Office

We are proud to announce today that the National Science Foundation has selected US Ignite and Northeastern University as the project office for the $100M Platform for Advanced Wireless Research (PAWR) effort.

US Ignite and Northeastern University will collaborate to lead PAWR and to fund organizations and partnerships that will create the new wireless networks to power smart community  sensors and services. The PAWR effort includes a public private partnership between federal agencies and more than 24 leading corporations that is building wireless research testbeds representing investment of over $100M in at least four communities across the United States.

Why? And what does this mean? Looking ahead:

US Ignite believes that true “smart communities” will be deeply sensorized and allow for the flow of real-time data over next-generation wireless networks to the community’s low-latency, programmable fiber network.  From there, data will stream to a resilient and highly-responsive community-based local cloud.  Decisions made on that platform can then be turned into real-time actions which are communicated, in just a few milliseconds, to distributed municipal, public safety, and privately-operated infrastructure. A partner community can, using applications and services developed via US Ignite initiatives, better and more resiliently innovate many of its core services and improve the lives of its citizens.

Imagine a community whose first responders can stitch together real-time video and data from sensors, body and dashboard cameras to improve their response times and save citizens’ lives. Or, in the field of education, imagine an application that enables STEM students in a rural community to learn biology in new, immersive ways by viewing microorganisms under a 4k microscope online, remotely operating the microscope in real-time, and simultaneously holding high-definition video conferences with world-class university researchers – all from thousands of miles away via a low-latency, ultra-high-speed connection.

Platform for Advanced Wireless Research + US Ignite

Advanced networks are the backbone of such technological advancements -- that is why we are so excited to be leading the PAWR effort. Helping more communities adopt advanced networks means that more cities have the required infrastructure to implement next-generation applications that will create new, more efficient forms of transportation, healthcare services, public safety, education, transportation, and so much more.

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