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US Ignite Announces Recipients of Fall 2017 App Development Awards

US Ignite is pleased to announce the proposals accepted as part of our recent round of Application Development Awards in September.  Local leaders in each of our Smart Gigabit Communities worked with development teams to identify the most promising gigabit application opportunities in their regions. We anticipate offering another round of awards after the new year, congratulations to the teams and communities accepted in this round.

  • Just-in-time VR Training for Ambus EMS - Using advanced networks to deliver a virtual reality training environment for the Ambulance Bus (AmBus) to first responders in the use of).  Austin, TX.
  • The Path to Python - Creating an educational environment for students to learn programing through Python.  The project offers the ease of use of a browser while communicating in real time to a back end server for robust execution of python code.  Austin, TX.
  • Underground Infrastructure Monitoring AR - Provides an Augmented Reality (AR) enhancement layer to visualize critical underground infrastructure mapped in real time with their innovative low energy ground penetrating radar and mapping system.  Burlington, VT.
  • Virtual Desktop CPEC - A novel approach to delivering desktop environments to basic devices via an ultra secure thin client.  Chattanooga, TN.
  • Electronic Double Up Food Bucks - Working to expand adoption of a digital platform to streamline and improve the experience of users seeking to healthy options through matching SNAP purchases. Flint, MI.
  • Gigabots, Low Latency Video - Adding the power of low latency video to the Gigabits programmable robotics teaching platform.  Kansas City, MO/KS.
  • Crisis Eye - Building a dynamic quality of service platform that ties together a wide variety of video sources to provide tools to improve situational awareness for Emergency Responders.  Lafayette, LA.
  • Kvasir VR - Provides a collaborative multi-user VR environment that injects a livestreamed instructor into a virtual solar plant through the use of real time scanning.  Lafayette, LA.
  • Lafayette Engagement and Research Network (LEaRN) - Expanding the use of a data sharing API to harvest realtime environmental and city sensors of all kinds.  Lafayette, LA.
  • 3D City Based Maps - Building a drone service to provide frequently updated geospatial imagery for use in mapping projects to ensure area maps are more accurate, up-to-date and detailed than ever before.  North Carolina Next Generation Network, NC.
  • Emotive Virtual Reality Patient (EVP) - Builds real time instructor feedback into a virtual medical training environment using a responsive AI driven virtual patient.  Richardson, TX.
  • Phoenix.Hathority.IO - Reducing inefficiencies in city waste management systems to save costs and allowing citizens to interact with city services in real time.  Phoenix, AZ.