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Smart Gigabit Community in Pasco County, Florida

Smart Gigabit Community in Pasco County, Florida is first of its type to be built from the ground up

US Ignite has designated a new Florida mixed-use development as the first planned “Smart Gigabit Community” in the United States to be built from the ground up, with a fiber network providing Gigabit internet access.

Called the “Connected-City Corridor,” the community is being developed in Pasco County, Florida. US Ignite will work with Metro Development Group and Pasco County to share best practices of smart Gigabit applications from other cities it has worked with, while also offering advice on recruiting tech-savvy companies that want Gigabit internet access.

US Ignite first met with Metro Development Group several years ago to discuss ways to develop a high-tech community that would put the area at the forefront of innovation. As the idea started to take shape, Metro engaged with Pasco County government to partner on the project.

The Connected-City Corridor is unique in that, unlike other Smart Gigabit Communities around the country, it will not involve retrofitting existing neighborhoods with Gigabit technology. Instead, the community will be developed from the ground up in a 7,800-acre special planning area.

One of Metro’s biggest motivations in developing the community is providing the opportunity to provide the world’s fastest internet speeds to more people, ultimately helping to break down the digital divide.

Metro Places, Metro Development Group’s collection of new home communities, has seven communities in the Tampa Bay region. Metro is already providing residents of several of its communities with its exclusive Gigabit internet technology, called ULTRAFi. With the Connected-City Corridor, however, Metro aims to connect more than just the homes.

Upon completion, the community is being planned to provide ULTRAFi technology to 37,000 homes, as well as 12 million-square-feet of non-residential property such as offices, retail spaces, schools, hospitals, and hotels. The community’s Gigabit-enabled applications and services are expected to attract innovative businesses and other entities that promise to deliver new advances in education, healthcare, public safety, energy and transportation.

To learn more about the Connected-City Corridor and its first residential component, Epperson, which will include the first Crystal Lagoon in the United States, visit the Epperson page on Metro Places’ website.