US Ignite is pleased to announce the proposals accepted as part of our recent round of Application Development Awards in March of 2018. The Application Development Awards provide up to ten thousand dollars in funding per proposal submitted and accepted from one of our Smart Gigabit Communities. The awards total one hundred and ten thousand dollars to improve community impacts and support local application developers. Leaders in each of our Smart Gigabit Communities worked with development teams to identify the most promising gigabit applications in their regions. Congratulations to each of the development teams and their communities.

Real-Time Drone Imagery (NC Ignite): A drone based combined program for real-time streaming imaging service for public safety and 3D mapping and analysis.

Telerobotic Surgery Training with 3D Sensing and Haptic Feedback (Champaign-Urbana, IL): A medical training platform that integrates VR with Haptic Feedback to help doctors gain vital experience in robotic medical procedures.

Medical Jargon Translation (Champaign-Urbana, IL): A real-time translation assistant targeted at bridging medical jargon and local vernacular to improve medical outcomes between patients and medical professionals who may not share a common language.

Crisis Eye (Lafayette, LA): A dynamic quality of service video analytics platform for public safety officials that merge multiple video streams from a wide variety of sources to provide improved situational awareness.

OnTimeSocial (Kansas City, MO): A framework to unify data streams generated by smart devices into a social framework for improved community engagement and remote user interaction.

PlanIT Impact (Kansas City, MO): An architectural planning service that streams in big data to provide a dynamic city planning platform to decrease cost and improve environmental efficiency in urban construction.

SAFER Home (Madison, WI): A smart home device orchestration and coordination service that uses home edge compute nodes to provide better coordinated emergency response services and home safety.

Emerald Citizen (Eugene-Springfield, OR): A real time reporting application for citizens to collaborate with public safety officers to fight human trafficking in their region.

Immersive VR training to Empower Teachers (Eugene-Springfield, OR): A collaborative and social VR platform to help train teachers in avoiding bias and improve equity in the classroom.

Safe Routes to School (Eugene-Springfield, OR): Development of an innovative network of bike-connected computers through local smart transportation network to increase community engagement with alternative transportation and improve safety outcomes.

Volumetric Interactive Light-Field Explorer (Eugene-Springfield, OR): Creation of a high-fidelity visual systems that provide immersive real-time interactivity with local properties and infrastructure.

Congratulations again to each of the communities and teams.